TRIAD WALK delivers royalty free original music.

In collaboration with leading creators, you can purchase quality music that fits your budget.
Use our music for your own business ventures from content marketing to live music festivals. You can even use our material for advertisement, social media, gaming purposes. Possibilities are endless without troublesome copyright applications. Keep your business worry-free with our collection.
Example of your use: Theater music, movie productions, any events, YouTube, Stores or store advertisement

✔︎ Quality music in reasonable prices, and background music.
✔︎ Music for your videos, for example YouTube, etc.
✔︎ Insert songs or music for movies, dramas, and commercials.
✔︎ Stage or live performance music.
✔︎ Background music for summer festivals, athletic meets, and award ceremonies.
✔︎ Background music for fitness, and yoga.
✔︎ Background music and sound effects for apps and games.


All the music purchased at the TRIAD WALK is royalty free and can be played in commercial use.
Copyright applications are not required, and the music can be used more for various purposes such as YouTube, other streaming application commercial, or advertising videos.

Company nameCASTLEDOOR Inc.

EstablishedDecember 2,2005

CapitalThree million yen.

CEOKido Hiromitsu