TRIAD WALK is a service that provides copyright-free original music.

In collaboration with leading creators, you can purchase high quality music at affordable prices.
It can be used for commercial purposes, and used by companies and individuals as a powerful tool for content marketing such as videos, commercials, stage shows, events, games, applications, YouTube, stores, and advertisements.


There are no troublesome copyright applications. 

✔︎ Reasonable and good quality music and background music material.
✔︎ For those who are looking for sound sources for various videos such as YouTube.
✔︎ Can be used as insert songs for movies, dramas, and commercials.
✔︎ For those who need music for stage and live performances.
✔︎ BGM for summer festivals, athletic meets, and award ceremonies.
✔︎ BGM for workout, training, yoga.
✔︎ BGM and sound effects for apps and games.


All the music sold on the TRIAD WALK website is copyright free and can be used for commercial purposes.
No application for copyright is required, and the music can be used for various purposes such as YouTube, TikTok, video distribution like commercials, and advertising.

Company nameCASTLEDOOR Inc.

EstablishedDecember 2,2005

CapitalThree million yen.

CEOKido Hiromitsu